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Recording Unhinged

Let me start by saying I have been waiting for this book for at least a year. If not forever. For those who aren't familiar with Sylvia you would be familiar with her work. Tool, Johnny Cash, Smashing Pumpkins, Sublime, System of a Down, and too many to even list. Let's put it this way she is a bad ass. Her no rules recording is something I have strived to put into my work as well. Sylvia, Joe Barresi, and Ross Robinson have been a major influence on me in the way I love to record. All three of them do shit that you would never think of.

Ok I will get to the point of this Blog. Amazing book!!!! Get it!! Now! Amazon! That out of the way let me say this is the greatest book about our craft I have ever read and I have a virtual library of recording books. I am always in the search of knowledge and long for the days of being in a room working with these amazing people. I don't think they want a 42 year old assistant. Mind I would give my right nut to go back and learn more from them. This is a book like no other. Many books tell you what frequencies to cut on toms and what to boost for punch. great we know that. Well most of it anyway. This is a book about throwing out that book and remembering we are artist as well. I forget that sometimes when I am doing the one of the 10 jobs in audio that I do. Sylvia is bringing the love back. Tons of insightful stories from other amazing engineers and producers intertwined with the meat and potatoes of this book. I rate books by if I can read them on the toilet. That is a compliment in case you were wondering. I like something that I can read is small doses as well as long dumps. This is perfect for that.

This book is not going to make you Sylvia Massy and make you sound like her productions but it will give you the spirit to make your own sound that is lost now days in laptop recording.

I have seen and been guilty of mixing inside the box and going for the same plug-ins every time. Losing site of creativity. Take a break between your next session and read this book. you will thank me later.

Philly Out!

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