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High Definition

Being an ever evolving engineer is what gives me the edge on the competition.

Chris Borders

CEO Tiki Man Productions



"Phil Brewster has been the head engineer on a variety of my AAA videogame titles over the years, and he is always a great pleasure to work with. Phil has an extensive knowledge of professional voiceover /ADR recording, and editing, and can assimilate to any studio with confidents and ease. He quickly learns the production’s needs, and works extremely well under extreme pressure (a huge PLUS in our industry!). Phil always maintains to keep a positive disposition during long and difficult sessions, and will always raise the spirits of everyone in the room, with his kind-hearted charm! I would recommend Phil for any type of recording and editing needs, and will continue to hire him for any of my major productions in the future!”

Johnny Yong Bosch

Actor/Singer for Eyeshine/Producer



I've known Phil for a long time...and I STILL like him. He's a good friend and a great engineer/mixer. Phil has always been my second ear. His love and passion for music gives him an ability to make anything sound amazing. He always seems to find what I missed or come up with something to make it sound better.


Jesse Surratt

Journalist & Youtube Content Provider


“Phil Brewster's volume of work speaks for itself. I am recommending Phil for his integrity and skill at audio engineering. He was a complete pleasure to work with and his honesty and overall professionalism is unparalleled..”

Paulette Lifton

Owner Oracle Post and Emmy Award winning Supervising Sound Editor


"I've worked with many mixers in the past 18 years I've had my business and Phil is one of the best. He is not only talented, he's great with clients too! Fast, techical and a great music producer as well. You would be pressed to find someone better".



Les Claypool

Phil Brewster worked for me for years before I closed! Tracked games, live action, music, and more Anime than either of us can remember. He survived my anal retentive, perfectionist madness. Caring and honest (to a Hire this guy!!!

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