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I started out my career with the love for music as many do in my field. I have played in Punk and reggae bands since I was 15 years old, playing many instruments Guitar, Bass, and Drums. With this seed planted in my DNA. I wanted to make music my life and engineering and producing was the destination that has given me a life filled with what I love. But I stil play and write everyday.



Mixing is the natural evolution from tracking I approach each mix with the mindset of , "what is the strongest element of the song"? I then feature that element weaving instruments in and out of the soundscape. Always making sure that the track is hard hitting with emotion and energy.



Tracking is by far my favorite step in the album making process. I know the box. Then I crush that box. I love the organic properties of the instruments and enhance them. I want to hear the wood of a guitar and drums.

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