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My Personal Production Tools


All gear is at your disposal. This is what I use in my own studio to create a organic and 3 dimensional music production. I have been an avid collector for many years with many pieces coming and going. I am always evolving my sound and love to try new gear.

Mic Pre's

8 Channel Trident S100 Mic Pre and EQ

32 channel Soundcraft Spirit 8

16 Channels of Focusrite Mic Pre's

Prosonus Eureka Channel Strip

TL Audio 2051 Channel Strip

2 Channels of Aphex 107

Avid Eleven

Joe Meek MC2


Protools Ultimate

Mixing on a SSL UF8, UC1

Slate Digital Everything

Waves Gold Bundle

UAD2 Quad Thunderbolt Sattelitte

UAD Lexicon 224

UAD Ocean Way Studios Room Sim

UAD Little Labs VOG

UAD Neve 1073 Unison

UAD Pultec

UAD 1176

UAD Ampex ATR 102

UAD Helios Type 69 EQ

UAD SSL G Buss Compressor

UAD 610 B Pre EQ

UAD Roland RE-201

UAD Fairchild 670

UAD Precision Enhancer Hz

UAD Realverb custom


UAD CS1 Channel Strip

UAD Manley massive Passive

UAD Fatso Jr and Sr

UAD Cooper Time Cube


UAD API Channel Strip


UAD Oxide

UAD Neve 33609 Buss Comp

UAD Little Labs IBP

UAD SSL E Channel Strip

Izotope Necter 2

Izotope RX3 Pro

Izotope RX6 Pro

McDSP Completer Bundle

Anteres Everything Bundle

TL Space

Slate Everthing Bundle


many more Plug-ins

Yamaha REV 7

Line 6 Delay Pro

DOD Dimension 12

Quad Eight Digital Delay

TC Electronics M_one

Joe Meek MQ3

TC Electonics C300

Aphex 107EQ

TL Audio Tube EQ2012 Indigo

2 Warm Pultecs

BBE 822A  Sonic Maximizer

Line 6 Pod Pro XT

Avid Eleven Rack

TC2290 DT

Waves F6 RTA EQ

TC250 DT


Lindell Lin76

PreSonus ACP88 8-Channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate 2010s - Blue


Grundig GDSM 311 XLR Vintage 1960's

2 Warm WA67's

2 Warm WA19's

1 AKG D190E

SubZero C12 Clone

Telefunken D77 Stereo Mic 1960"s

Neuman U87

Aston Orgin

AA U47 Tube

SE 2200a II

2 Oktava 219's

2 Oktava 2500 Tube Mics

5 shure 57's

Sennheiser 816T Shotgun

AKG D112

Heil PR-40

EV RE-320


Rode NTK w/ Telefunken Tube

Rode NT1a

Rode NT5

2 Oktava MC 012's

2 Stereo pair Sontronics STC-S1 Cardiod and Omni Caps.

Sterling Audio ST31

2 MXL 2001's

Audix i5

Audix OM7

Shure SM58

Shure Beta 58

2 MXL 603S

2 12Guage Microphones Greens

5 12Guage Microphones Blues

4 Lectrosonics Lavaliers

Yamaha Sub Kick

2 American Microphone Co. D22's from 1948

1 American Microphone Co. D4 From 1940

Reslo Ribbon Mic RBL - Red - Owned By Dave Davies Of The Kinks

Warm WA-47Jr

Lewitt 440 Pure



1997 Mesa Boogie TremoVerb

Vox AC15 Custom

Egnater Tweeker 88

Fender MetalHead 500Watts

VHT Special 6 UltraII

Epiphone Jr

Crate Flexwave

Vox Pathfinder

Orange Crush

Line 6 Low Down 450

Ashdown Mag 300

Peavey Vyper

Peavey Studio Pro

Orange 4x12

Marshall JCM 800 4x12

Hiwatt 2x12

Randall 212/115

Line 6 Low Down 4x8

Ashdown 4x8

Epiphone Jr. 1x12

80's Fender Dual Showman Rev.

Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cab

Panama Fuego x Hotrod

UA Top Box OX





Fender Koa Strat with 1965 Cap.

Fender Tom DeLonge Strat

Fender 50th Anniversary Strat

Hagstrom Viking IIl

1978 Ibanez PF200 Les Paul

DeAmond M75 W/ Gold Foils

Gibson SG standard

Gibson Les Paul Studio

1996 Epiphone Les Paul classic

Fernandes Vertigo W/ Filtertrons

Fernandes Sustainer

Fernandes Vertigo W/Invader

Gretsch New Yorker mando

1977 Peavey T40 Bass

Fender P Bass With Quarter    Pounders and 1968 Cap.

Fender Jazz Bass

Schecter Sabre Bass

Music Man Stingray HH Special

Epiphone Les Paul Adam Jones Custom

Much More



ZOOM F8 10 channel recorder with timecode

Shure FP32 Mixer

2 Channels Azden wireless Lav

2 Channels Lectrosonics Wireless Lav

Azden SGM-X Shotgun

Azden SGM-1X Shotgun

Sennheiser 816 T Long Shotgun

Sennheiser 416 Shotgun


2 Dead Cats


Macbook Pro

Protools 2018.10

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

2 Oktava MC 012's

2 Stereo pair Sontronics STC-S1


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