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Jason Mraz reviews








phattyj811 3 years ago

This is what the album should have sounded like! They completely butchered the mix on the recorded version. A real shame. These ladies sound beautiful with Jason! And the songs are amazing! Thank you for this superior version.



smsararosy86 3 years ago

You are so right! Sounds so much better than the recorded album. The album is awesome! Please buy!



arman rozika 2 years ago

My God ! they're better live than recorded. Always LOVE you Jason Mraz



Sara Romo 4 years ago

Are you effin' kidding me? I thought this song couldn't get better, but obviously i was wrong! <3



soushi8 3 years ago

ha!! just downloaded the album just now. this version is better!!!



Zachary Lee 4 years ago

Jason never sounds as good on cd as live. it's simply amazing



lemuel padio 10 months ago

His vocals is so much better here than in his recordings. I love him. I hope he'll produce more albums.


Natalia Lizarazo 3 years ago

I'm begging for a DVD of all the performances at the Organics' Avocado Ranch



heroesunplugged 4 days ago (edited)

Seems like a great venue and setting for a concert. The most enjoyable have always been in small venues. Glad this is available here. The sound quality is excellent. Videography is nice too.



ned_mgmg 4 months ago

love this version more than the original one


theodore gautama 4 years ago

will the live version will be put on a cd?



Mary Isabelle Vargas 3 years ago

Feels like I'm listening to a CD. Awesome!! And I love those girls as well!



Methee ruetaichetcharoen 3 years ago

It's amazing that this record is better than the one on the album.



Yuhki Murayama 3 years ago

oh man! i totally wish that instrumental part was in the album version...but at the same time, it makes this show in particular unique!!!



Ranner Barbosa 3 years ago

can we have those live sessions in an album, like in a "YES! (Deluxe)" please??? they're really good



K Price 11 months ago

Best this young man has ever sounded. Surrounded by beauty. Just my opinion



CharmOfGoodLuck 3 years ago

I love this version!!  It gets my heart pumping!!



Julio Torbay Vinces 2 years ago

so amazing sound.. you are great!


Mirella Agyemann 3 years ago

They should make an album with all the songs from Mraz Organics that would be so cool, 'cause to be honest I like the live version of Long Drive more than the audio version.. # Yes 



Erika Angie 2 years ago

I wish i could buy this version instead of the one recorded in the album❤️ Please Jason come to Italy for once in your life! I'd love to come to your concert but I can't afford coming to one of your tour dates in Europe 😔 🇮🇹



theodore gautama 3 years ago

will this live version be on CD?  if they isn't planning it, they should...



Erico Furtado 3 years ago

Definitely one of my favourite songs of the new album! :D Love it! Plus, I think that this Ranch version is even better than the CD one. For some reason the guitar sounds better and RainingJne voices are louder :D

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