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The health of our Record Industry.

Over the past 20 plus years a lot has changed in our industry. This is not a new subject. We old timers have been waxing poetic for years now about the good old days of budgets and credits. What can be done now is the main reason for this blog.

Budgets I think can come back if we could find a way to encode our artwork so it can't be pirated. Come on Elon Musk has done everything else that they said couldn't be done. Let's get that dude to invent something. You would think that the record companies with all the loss that they have felt would come together and get some Silicon Valley people on it. The big companies say they are losing a lot but they don't talk much about their hands in the streaming service cookie jar. The artist are not making the money there.

Credits are a huge thing in our business. We don't get work if nobody know that we did a album. We are made into social media whores to get notice which to me always makes me feel like a douche. But hey got to work. iTunes or really services like CD Baby and all the other independent distributers won't let artist add digital booklets. Hey if you know one let me know.

This should be a must for all submissions. Major Labels 75% of the time will not put them out.

We as a community should ban together somehow and demand this. Sometimes we cut our budgets so much all we need is the credit to propel our careers. These are just a couple things I think we can do. This is my first blog. I am just testing the waters a bit. Please let me know what you think? Maybe we can build our own little community that instead of complaining lets find some answers.


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